Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My blog started out as a fostering blog type thing. I made it the night our 2nd placement came to us last year. Well...its funny....because it's totally changed since then. It's become like...a processing tool for me. I write things that I go through in hopes to glorify God, and encourage y'all.
I try to be honest. Because why keep things in when we all know that we each struggle. Some people don't want to share because they'll appear to be weak. Guess what? You may think that...but actually, when you talk to someone about your struggles, they may be struggling with the same thing.
It's so freeing to share. Take it from me, its amazing what God can do when you bring your troubles to the light.

God never ceases to amaze me. He blesses me so much. I don't even deserve any of it. Yet, He still gives. Recently, I've been emailing with a very good friend of mine. God just blows our minds, because we just see Him working! This friend of mine....I can't even tell you how blessed I am to even know her. We have shared our many struggles with each other, and its been such an encouragement to me.
I'm not sure how this post got here.....but maybe someone needed to hear this--
Guys, if you struggle with something, and are afraid to tell anyone because...well, many reasons, don't be. K?? I have held things in before, and it's grown into things so big...and I just hated it. It is SO freeing when you let those things out. It feels like a burden has been lifted off your back. God will do amazing things. Trust me.
Can't find anyone to tell? For starters...I'm here 24/7. Or, the best...your parents.


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