Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Think about this.....

 Do you love unconditionally? 

When you love people, or your friends, is it an unconditional love? 
Do they have to act a certain way for you to love them?
Do you love them for who they are?
Do you love like Christ has loved you?
When there is a disagreement, and y'all are mad at each other, and they won't talk to you, do you still love them?
When a friend points you the right way, and tells you things you maybe are doing wrong, and they point it out of love for you, do you still love them?

Want me to be honest? I am kind of at fault with each of these. Sad to say.
I always wanted to be that girl who loves everyone unconditionally just like Christ loves me. I wanted my life to show that I strive to live for Him, that He is my all, that I'm on fire for Him, and that I love others the way He loves me. But I don't. 

Guys. Christ gave up His life for us. For you. For me. He DIED because He loved us so much. He wants to spend eternal life with us. Even though we fall, and sin everyday, He still loves us.
(preaching to myself here)
So....why can't we love like He loved us? It's hard. I admit. But He gave His life up for us. We don't even deserve it!! 
I pray that I love more fiercely. Love like He has loved me. Even when things don't go how I'd like them to, even if there are disagreements, even if someone hurts me, I still want to love like Christ loves me, and trust in Him, knowing that whatever I go through, is to grow me.

Christ does it for me everyday. 
Why can't I do it for others?  

1 John 4:19- "We love because He first loved us."

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