Friday, March 13, 2015

Just read this.

This post is gonna be a little different.
 I hope it somehow encourages you. 

I wanted to honor one of my friends. To show her how much I love her. To show you how great God is. And also to show you that sharing your troubles, & talking to people, is a great thing to do!! God works in amazing ways, I'm tellin' ya! 

So anyways....let me begin.


My family & I recently bought a family business. (check out my moms blog-- link will be in the end).
God totally led my parents in to this, & He blessed us sooo much! 
We bought it from this *precious* family in Tennessee. 
My parents flew out, & they knew right away that this is what God had for us. 
A couple weeks later, we had this family, (well...4 out of 7 of them) fly out to us, to help us get started. 
Never did I think that after 3 days together, we'd all be like family. (Praise God!!) I was dreading the day when they had to leave, because I knew it'd be hard, & I didn't want to have to say goodbye. 
Well that day came, & it was tough. But I'm so thankful for media, so we can keep in touch! 
Their daughters & I are like sisters. We had so much fun. And I miss them so much! 
Well their mom....(we'll call her...Marie. Ha! Coding it there, heehee!) I am still blown away at what God has done. 
We started emailing. I was hoping we could keep in touch, but didn't think that'd work out. Well guess again!! We emailed pretty much everyday. No joke. But these emails...they weren't like your ordinary emails. They were deep. They were meaningful. They encouraged us. They changed me. 
I love how God works. I'm serious. 
'Marie' is amazing.
No details, but she has had a very rough past. With who she is today, you wouldn't even know it. She's on fire. She inspires me.
I pretty much emptied myself to her. Everything came out. Everything was brought to the light. She made me realize that I wasn't truly repenting of certain sins, & that I wasn't truly sorry for them b.c I kept going back.


She made me realize, by Gods grace, that I haven't been loving people unconditionally. Whenever someone would get mad at me, I would almost always shut down & not talk, or get mad at them. I realized that that's not what I'm supposed to do!! And I realized I had to truly repent of those sins I mentioned up there. Guess what? By God's grace, I did. And haven't been tempted to go back. And with the loving unconditionally? It's a work in progress, I guess you could say. I'm supposed to love like Christ loves me, and He loves me through my worst!! So I need to love others. 
(See what God does when you're honest?!?)

So now you may be wondering what my point is. Hmm.....let God work through you. Share your struggles. I'll tell you right now, that if you hang onto them, it'll only get worse. I've been there. I held onto satans lies, that it took me into depression. (The- my head/thoughts kind of depression) it was awful!! 
It lasted for about a week. 
Then I finally got 'slapped', told someone briefly about it, & God put me back on track. (long story short haha).  I never want to go there again. It's dark. It's painful. I never thought I'd go through something like that. 
But do you see what happened? 
Satans lies creeped in. I believed them, refused to talk to anyone because I was mad, & it got worse. I also refused to 'fix it'. I refused to ask God for help, & to read His word. It had the snowball effect. 
Don't let that happen to you! If you're struggling with something, bring it to the light!! 

Well anyways. Now I don't know what my point was haha. 


K. Got it. 
God just blows me away. This friend of' She's like my sister. Well we are...sisters in Christ. 
I know you'll be reading this "Marie". 
Thank you for all you've done, & letting God use you. You're such a blessing to me, you have no idea, & I love you so much!!!


So guys....don't keep your struggles in. And also...don't hide the lessons (& struggles that you've been through). They can be used for Gods glory!
We all struggle. That's a fact. Some of us don't want to admit it, because we'll seem weak. What does God want you to do??

Have a blessed weekend y'all!!


( My Moms blog, she just started, check it out! )

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