Thursday, October 9, 2014

What about in the here and now?

My friend is serving in China; for 3 months, she is working in an orphanage. (Hopefully I got that right, Katie!)
Well, to be honest.......I'm sorta jealous......
I see pictures of her with these precious Chinese kids, and oh my.....I just want to be right there!
Yet, when it actually comes to thinking about it in depth, my flesh says no.
"Haylie, you'd have to go on a plane, halfway across the world. You'd be there for a long time. You might get tired. You may get nervous." And on and on!
I have learned not to let flesh take a hold, because you miss out on SO much!
But anyway.....
As I'm thinking about this, and almost longing to be there; I am almost taking something for granted.
I get to babysit for 6 awesome kids (all siblings), I also babysit my cousins (7?) month old 1-2 times a week, and I have foster siblings that I get to spend so much time with.
What I realized is that I was taking for granted what I have here, and longing to be across the globe, helping there.
Now, I am certainly not saying that going to China is...wrong, or anything. Not at all!!!
What I am saying though, is that all I need to do is look around me, and see the things I have.
If God someday would have me go across the world, then so be it!
But for now, He has blessed me with amazing kiddos to watch, here!
I need to do all for the glory of Him.
He has blessed me sooooo much, and how dare I take things for granted!

So I'll leave you with that.
Remember, I didn't say it was wrong to go elsewhere and help and serve. :)
Hopefully you see my point!

Katie, I hope you're having an AMAZING time over there!!!!!
So excited for you, and to hear all your adventures! <3


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