Friday, October 24, 2014

Late night thoughts....

Written on Friday (today) at 1am.....yes....I was up late-ish, haha :):).............

When it's late, your mind really gets you thinking....
I want to be asleep! But I can' I'll share what my mind has come up with.....

What would go through your mind if you were told you had 2 months left to live?
Well.....I started thinking....

 I would be meeting my Savior.
Then it goes to this- wow, the great sinner that I am, and how I didn't glorify Him today, would be going to meet Him. Man, if I knew I would be leaving, even tho I'd be scared & have all these thoughts flood my mind, I feel like I would be reading the Word to find out more about Him before I meet Him.

But wait.....

Why don't I do that now?
How come I'm not striving to learn about Him, to know Him, to love Him, here in the now?
B.c I don't know when my moment will be. How come it takes a 'trial' I guess, for me to dig deep? Which isn't wrong, but shouldn't I be digging deep NOW?
In my thinking, I feel like I would have a lot of peace if I were told this. Yeah, of course it'd be so hard to hear.
And who knows.....maybe I wouldn't have a lot of peace in my brain, to be honest. (Although, He would give it) But God is over all. He is through all. And He is in all.
I need to trust Him.
I need to dig deep now. B.c I don't....

Start a fire in my soul, Lord. Help me to love you more and more each day. Give me a thirst for your Word. Help me to dive in deep.

I hope this makes you think about your life.

(If I happen to meet Him in 2 months, guys...He was saying something!)
And that concludes midnight deep thoughts with Hay.


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