Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's been on my mind.

I just feel like I should blog about this. We'll see what happens....

So, there has been a forest fire near us. Like, I'd wanna say 10+ miles as the crow flies, but don't quote me. We got a little bit of ash and burnt pine needles, and some smoke. Never in my whole life of living here has a fire been this close yet so far off, haha.
Anyway, some friends of ours got a level 2 evacuation, which means 'get set'. My dad went and helped them pack things up, along with some other friends, yesterday.
They're still in their home, and doing good, as far as I have heard.
Well then, that brings a lot of thoughts to my mind.
"What if the fire comes here? What if we had to evacuate? What would I take? Would I take anything?" And so forth.....
Well, last night and this morning, I've been thinking about that stuff. It does worry me, just a bit, but not too bad. Here's why:
God brought this to me- The Lord gives, and He takes away.
If the fire were to come close here, I'd be worried about my family most of all.
But the thing is, God has brought me peace. He has this under control. It's happening for a reason. If it were to happen here, I just have to remember that in the end, what will all this stuff matter?
No, I'm not saying that I'd want this to happen. Not at all!
What I'm saying is, He's got it in His hand. There's no worries. He gave everything to us, and He has all the right to take it away.
He has given me peace about it.

So I'll leave you with that. Just felt I should share.
Jesus Christ is our everything. What more do we need?


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