Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dealing with things....

This year. 2014. Its so much different than the last 2 years. Well, duh...yea. But it really is.
I have always had the trouble of letting Facebook, Instagram, and other things in general, take me away from Christ. They'd take hours out of my day, of sitting and looking at a screen. It'd take me away from a lot of stuff. But it was so easy to let it take hours out of my day. How did I fix it? Well, I almost couldn't. Its hard to get rid of it, I admit. But you know what? I did. I ditched FB and Insta. Yes, it was hard. But what does that show? It just goes to show that those things were my life. Yea, I like to keep up with friends, and the world 'n such, but I was making them (FB/Insta) idols. No, this isn't 'fixed' all the way. I'm still working on it. But I got rid of what made me 'stumble', and now I need to put my focus on Him. It doesn't mean I'll never go back on those things. In fact, I may sometime this year. But I can't let it suck me in.
John Piper once said- "Life is wasted when we do not live for the glory of God. And I mean all of life. It is all for His glory"
Let that sink in.....

Ya know.... everything we think we own, we actually don't own it. It is all His. That may sound ridiculous, but its true. He also has given us life. But ya know what? It isn't ours. HE gave it to US. He also saved us. With His ONLY Son. So, if I'm His, then is it glorifying Him when I waste hours and hours on media??
I'm kind of thinking to myself while typing. I'm at fault here. I am NOT perfect. (well, heck..no one is)
Just be thinking about this stuff. Are you glorifying God in all you do? I know I'm not. Sad to say. We all need to remember why we're put here on earth. ;)

Back to FB....it has been pretty awesome not having it. It was a lot to ditch it. But its cool not having to worry about 'catching up on the latest news feed', and all that. I'm not saying FB/Insta, is bad. But it is if it becomes all you think about. And not JUST FB. Anything, in general. If it takes your focus away, you should take it away, for awhile at least. The first week is tough, but its really awesome. Then you have more time to do other things!
(I admit, its a little hard not seeing what friends are up to, and such, but it just makes it more special and awesome when you get to see them!)

Again... this is me sort of thinking out loud.
I want to encourage you that if you have something that makes you stumble, try to take it away for a week, or totally ditch it for a couple months. It'll be good. ;)


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wow! It's been awhile....

An update on everything--
So, today our 2 other foster kiddos got to come visit today. It was so great!
It was very good to see them, hear their laughter, hold them in my arms, and all that fun stuff.
Our current foster kiddo really enjoyed them too. Such a fun day.

So, our current 3 year old dude....
It has been amazing. That pretty much sums it up.
He is thankful for everything. He gets excited at the littlest things. He has bonded to all of us. Its awesome. Considering what he's been through, its really amazing that he is like this.
Again, the road in fostering is not always easy. But its when we step out to obey God and what He has for us, He blesses that. There will be hard times. But its all for His glory.

I'm glad I didn't let fear take a hold of me. I'm glad God put us on this path. And I'm SO thankful for the kids He had for us. I love each of them so much. Its been a blast. :D