Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A bit of what I've learned....

Life with fostering. Oh boy.
It's been full of laughter, tears, joy, blessings, work, and all that.
But you know what? Its been amazing.
When we stepped out to obey Him in this calling, He was so gracious. He gave us the *perfect* kids.
Now, it isn't all easy. There is work. But its worth it. These kids have no one, sometimes. They had to get taken out of their home. So, for me to come alongside these kids, and help them, play with them, and to just be there for them, is a joy.
I've learned, that if we get other kiddos, to except whatever He gives us, because He is right there with us, every step, and its so fun!
So blessed. Its awesome.


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